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[Monique Hussin]

Drouot quotation: H:30cm  85€

Born in Belgium I worked in Germany where I acquired many diverse artistic techniques from private and public courses (pottery - pastel - watercolours - batik - print)

Acknowleged as a poet and a painter/potter by the SABAM (B) in 1991, I exhibited in parts of European countries from 1983 until 1995 (personal and public exhibitions)

From 1992 until 1995 I participated in the poetry festival Editions Grassin - Paris.

Gained award for ceramics of The Pays Noir (B) in 1987 and award for poetry of Goccia Di Luna (I) in 1992; at this time I don't wish to participate in any competitions because I kwow many of them have a policy to promote their artists.

After a break because of family reasons I decided to participate once again in exhibitions.

In 2004 personal exhibitions in Sarlat la Canéda and Terrasson Lavilledieu - France;
in 2005 a break in New Zealand where I started to write a noval with dreams and magic that will be ready in 2007;
this year a personal exhibition in Thenon - France

Member of the International Society of Artists-Göteborg

The "mask art" gives me the possibility to use together all the clay's and the colours abundances.

It's now a speciality.

Each ceramic mask is an unique item.

My masks are in private collections.

Acrylics and oils often come in useful to create pictures with other masks, but they must of course still follow my dreams and my visions of nature. (coming in November 2006) (coming in 2007)